Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Place of Safety Home in Dominica

I read about the currently being built, Place of Safety Home, today:-


This is great news and please donate generously if you can. I am really pleased as one, I can possibly volunteer here and two, I have boxes and boxes and more boxes of the childrens' clothes, toys, shoes etc all in great condition which hopefully I can donate.

It's feels good to try and make a difference and this is another reason for our move to Dominica. Also, for my children to see the bigger picture - they really do have everything here and it will be good for them to have a bit less and contribute a bit more.

One of my happiest childhood memories is spending a few years growing up in Dominica - my parents were teachers at the then, Clifton Dupigny College. I ran wild outside and missed nothing. Well, I tell a lie I missed fresh cow's milk. On our first day (straight off the Geest boat) my mother took me to the Fort Young Hotel and ordered me a glass of milk. Ice cold and fresh it wasn't but I had to drink every last bit. It still makes me shudder.......

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