Friday, April 18, 2008

Island Fever

"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about". (OW)

It's great to share positive news on blogs and many of them on Dominica detail its position as 4th happiest place to live compiled by the NEF/Happy Planet Index, Alex Boylan's declaration on CBS News that it was his favourite destination after he completed his 'around the world for free' trip and of course Dominica continues to receive many green accolades and is consistently voted within the top 5 diving sites in the world. All good stuff.

For where we're at, I really like Caribbean Man's blog - as he tells it how it is. Island fever (the need to get off the island for various reasons) was prevalent in Bahrain where we learned to handle it but never really got used to it. Now, Caribbean Man says of Dominica:-

2. Everyone is watching. Met veye is an occupation in this small island. Like your privacy ? Go far into Zion and come down for you shopping and go back up. The alternative is that everyone is going to know you business, whether its true or false. Confidentiality means nothing here. Your bank manager to your next door neighbour has info that has to be shared. And goddammit...them goin share it. Just accept that or be a hermit.

On a positive note I guess you could consider it the ultimate neightbourhood watch scheme, that's cool. Talking of which, Tina tells me that our (not met yet) neighbour is doing daily guided tours of our house. If I arranged a little donation box at the front door, do you think we'd raise enough for the new Shack........

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