Thursday, April 17, 2008

The worry

Spent most of last night in bed worrying. It drives Andy mad because he says I worry about trivial things or rather things I have absolutely no control over. He's absolutely right of course. So last night's were: will my new Argos 30 + light fittings and ceiling fans work when we get there (why wouldn't they?), will the fixed kitchen table be the right height for my chairs to go under (who cares - well I do), will I be able to get the kids' school uniform (whatever it is) made and more importantly black shoes that Chloe will actually agree to wear, will we get our loan this week (my 24/7 worry really), should I take the kids Christmas presents with us (bonkers I know when the idea is that they have less), we both had full medicals 3 weeks ago now and still haven't been sent the results - is that a good sign as we must be ok or is it a really bad sign as they are double checking the tests they gave us to see if they got it right before giving us bad news, have we got the best design for the Shack - ie. if I was a guest would I want the bedroom to look out to sea or the valley - particularly tricky as I haven't got a clue what the plot outlook is (did I ever mention we bought this plot of land unseen and if I was really honest I don't have a clue where it is). Andy tries to patiently explain and I nod confidently (oh yes I remember that road by the cemetary - do I heck) so he doesn't get equally annoyed with my sense of direction 'skills'. Tina says you can see the main house when you drive over the Roseau bridge - so that's good enough for me. I think you can probably see quite a lot of houses when you drive over the Roseau bridge mind.

On with the list (bored are you - just remember it was me last night having to worry all this) - Celia's scented candles - she said don't worry about taking her some but I'd like to - now do I take a large pack of Ikea tealights or does that look a bit mean and should I just get one large super scenter as it were and how many tealights should I take for me then if she's run out then they must be a good thing to take or alternatively could that be another business idea - am sure I recall candles being made out there - the flowers are gorgeous - don't you just shove a few petals into the mix and hey presto that's scented candles, must investigate that one. Am even more exhausted now reliving the whole night again. The alarm going off at 7am was a welcome relief I can tell you. Then Chloe asked me to quickly revise her sums with her as she had a test this morning and now I'm sitting here worrying about how she's getting on..........Let's hope my kids haven't inherited my mad worry gene.............or do I just need to get a life?

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Chris said...

You realise, Fiona, that having (mis)-read your blog from now on the only presents you'll get from me will be scented candles, don't you? If I were you I'd start worrying about whether you have enough storage space for them all.

It's a well know fact that schools test-market shoes and only stipulate those least likely to be worn by girls. Abi always leaves her proper shoes 'in her locker' so goes each morning in inappropriate slipper things and 'forgets' to bring the others home each evening. I therefore suggest black flip-flops will be fine.

Here are a few more things to add to your list that you can do absolutely nothing about:

volcanic eruptions
an asteroid strike(ha! bet you hadn't thought of that one)
an outbreak of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu among Sisserou parrots
the parlous state of the global finacial industry
the rising price of rice and it's impact on world hunger
the terrorist threat in general, and more specifically, the liklihood of China using its base in Dominica to launch a sudden and unprovoked nuclear attack on the USA thus precipitating World War 3
global warming
the results of the forthcoming London mayoral and US Presidential elections
a ready supply of mint chocolate, champagne & the latest gossip magazines.

That should keep you going.

For now.

More later x