Saturday, May 24, 2008

Champagne's on ice

At the 11th hour, bank cheques waiting for dispatch, the life insurance document had one signature missing. The one that said 'owner', I presumed that meant the company. It didn't. The bank won't release the funds until it is signed and a scanned copy won't do. Fedex are sending it back this time. Another delay and more than annoying for our builder, us and everyone involved.
Then at 8pm, our first guests in Montenegro rang and said they were moving out as they couldn't use their pushchair up to the apartment as the temporary road is gravel and not concrete. They want a complete refund. Also, there was drilling next door and the building ban doesn't come into force in Montenegro until 1st June so builders work around the clock in the last few weeks before the summer curfew. What do do, they were the ones that asked to bring their dates forward a week.
It wasn't a great Friday night all round.

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