Friday, May 23, 2008

Jock's photo!

Dox arrived in DOM. Money's in the bank Frank. All systems are go. Our builder, Oliver, is very happy and so are we. Andy says we can open the $100 bottle of champagne tonight and even drink it. Wow! Then it's Cava from then on I guess. Desmond the gardener can start landscaping too. I sent him some exotic Latin names from my 'How to Garden in the Caribbean' book. He thinks I'm bonkers and sent me a plan of what he is going to do with all English names on. At least I showed an interest. Yesterday I bought 2 water barrels - they come with little taps on and everything (!). Then came my fatal error. I explained to Ollie how they worked. In an island where it rains most days I'm not sure our water barrels will be topped up for long.

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