Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swimming pool

Now it's sunny and paddling pools are springing up everywhere. Under pressure now from kids to join the ranks of pool owners. When I say pools, it's these inflatable ones but with cleaning pumps in and heating. All mod cons, not like we had, with slimy green bottoms and full of holes patched up with plasters. The kids went to 3 different sets of friends this weekend and everyone had one. We haven't. Do we buy one for our last 8 weeks here or do we take one with us so the kids can use it whilst ours is being built? We have the hole dug for ours and it now has 8 foot weeds in it but at least it's started. Since mentioning the pool we have of course heard loads of horror stories of leaking ones, filthy ones and ones situated where after a heavy rainfall, the contents of the neighbours garden ends up in your pool. As pool building isn't that common in Dominica (well, why would you when there's over 365 rivers and you're surrounded by sea) it is difficult to ensure all these problems won't be our problems too. I need to do some serious research on this for sure.

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