Sunday, May 4, 2008

How big?

So, we wake up today and lying in bed Andy goes through the list of what we need to buy and we're back to the flat screen TV, basketball stand, outdoor table tennis and a motorbike. The motorbike's a new one. There's more holes than road in Dominica (let alone sharp corners and cliffs) and he's wittering on about a motorbike - well it's a scooter I tell him as I imagine him bobbing along the road disappearing into craters. He thinks because I'm horizontal I'll be more agreeable. Must be a man thing. So, I remind him that we need a fridge for the Shack too, he retorts 'a small one, yes?', to which I firmly reply 'no, a big one, of course'. Well maybe I need a big bike then, he says. And so the conversation goes on. In the meantime, I check the flights out to St Lucia (maybe swimming to Dominica at this rate) again on XL (the cheapest airline I've found so far) and they're now nearer GBP3,000 (I'd budgeted GBP2,000) so something's got to give. Can see the size issue rearing it's metallic head again...........

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TropicallyTied said...

LOL!! Paul brought a "Scooter" over with us too and is in the process of selling it ;-) Just too scary here. I remember when we first got the bike out from customs and he had to ride it to get bike tax etc, he wondered why the ride was so noisy compared to UK and realised he wasn't wearing a leathers, gloves or ANY protective gear either.

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