Thursday, May 22, 2008

Splish splash

The landscaping at the apartment in Montenegro is all finished and the pool is being filled as we speak. Can put this one to bed for now too, phew.

Friends and family rates of course:- - Property Reference 77447

Now we are working on how to build ours in Dominica incorporating solar power and an eco but reliable sand filtration system. At least we've found an expert to help us and can nod wisely at his suggestions....we are also learning about wind turbine power too. Who'd have thought it eh....will be wearing crocs next...

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TropicallyTied said...

Bevin Etienne is a great guy to talk to about renewable energy systems in Dominica. He has installed hybrid solar/wind systems for several homes on the island and has written an article for the next Caribbean Homes and Lifestyle magazine. I will save you a copy for when you come.