Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flatscreen - why didn't we get the bigger one?

So I've succumbed, given in, relented, you name it, the 40 inch flat screen has now moved from Makro's shelf to our spare bedroom. No, of course we don't know how to actually set it up to watch it. So here's the story, it started off at Euros 1400, went down to 1100, final price 900. That was 3 weeks ago. Well we go again today, because that's what we do on Saturdays, and for the actual store model, last one left (always a heart rencher), there's a further 20% off. As I am explained to in that slightly 'can't you get the point?' manner (rather like my landlord did the other day actually) this price will then be reduced further as we get 21% back for VAT as we are going to export it within 3 months. So, clearly it's a no brainer and we must buy it. They only take cash, remember it's Belgium, so not much left for the essential toner for the printer and the eco lightbulbs. Hey, who needs lights when you've got the glare of the 40 inches. Anyway, on the way back in the car, I'm holding it on my lap (like a firstborn) as it doesn't come in a proper box, shame really as we can't wave it around in front of the neighbours, and Chloe says 'why didn't we get the bigger one?'. Her father's daughter clearly.

ps The all new Milka 'Choca Swing' is what I got today. You know how it is, there's a little stand in the store with a little old lady painstakingly breaking up a product into as many tiny pieces as possible, with white gloves on and luring you in like Hansel & Gretal for a taste. After the 3 kids have grabbed as much as possible, destroyed the Jenga like display, and underneath Granny's imploring (they must get commission) glaze, I am compelled to buy the full size product. Could be worse - it's a chocolate biscuit, I'm not going to miss chocolate at all....

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