Saturday, May 3, 2008

Once inside it's great says Pando (sic) the salesman!

You know the reality building programmes on TV, well we were in one last week. I guess the flight should have prepared us..........our 'direct' flight actually landed in Montenegro and flew onto Croatia. However, as we were not booked on this flight originally we had to carry on to Croatia and drive the 2.5 hours back to Montenegro. We arrived in the offices of A.V. Properties
(a.k.a Anyone Visible Properties?) to be advised that we could stay with an old lady in a field with the enthusiastic 'that will be great for the kids won't it' accompaniment. Jovo, our driver, saw my face and then saved the day saying we could stay at his apartment - Anyone Visible retorted they would only pay him what they were paying the field lady. He agreed, phew. The next day we saw the site and our apartment. A picture tells a thousand words so here they are.

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