Thursday, May 15, 2008

Return to sender

My forms are all signed and notarised and ready to wing their way back to Dominica by DHL. An afternoon spent doing this with the kids was followed by a visit to the toy shop. The girls are fine, any Euro 5 toy and they're satisfied. Not Ollie, it has to be all singing all dancing, 30 Euros plus. After 1.5 hours of milling around in there, making suggestions, I went to puzzles, he loves puzzles. I reluctantly agreed on one of those globe ones. Age 6 it said. Einstein more like. How on earth do you start them? Ok, I finally read the instructions, start with the piece numbered '1'. We found '2' to '60' but '1' has mysteriously disappeared. Hysteria onset - his and mine. Maybe it will work flat I say in a sing songy voice. Of course it won't every piece is curved. And so it went on.....

My newest worry is Residency and clearing our shipment. Apparently we need Residency to clear our effects duty free and for Residency there are of course various criteria which we won't fulfill before our container arrives. Also, Residency issues have changed ministries now too so our original paperwork is no long valid, probably. Also, we need to have a return ticket to enter Dominica. As I mentioned ours is one way. We now have to buy a one-way ferry (cheaper than Leave Island Any Time ticket) ticket to Martinique, closest place. I've always had it in my mind that it would be nice to visit but I didn't think I'd be buying the ticket quite so soon.

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